Top 10 Remodeling Projects That Offer the Biggest Returns

Posted by on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 3:39pm

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According to Realtor Magazine, a recent industry surveys pointed to a strong rebuound taking hold in home remodeling.  Home owners may be seeing higher gains from some of these remodeling projects at resale.  Based on cost versus value, here are the top 10 remodeling projects that will offer the potential biggest pay-backs at resale:

1.  Entry door replacement (steel) - ROI: 85.6%   2.  Deck addition (wood) ROI:  77.3%  3.  Garage door replacement ROI: 75.7%

4.  Minor kitchen remodel ROI: 75.4%   5.  Window replacement (wood)  ROI:  73.3%  6.  Attic bedroom   ROI:  72.9%

7.  Siding replacement (vinyl)   ROI: 72.9%  8.  Window replacement (vinyl)   ROI:  71.2%  9.  Basement remodel   ROI 70.3%

10.  Major kitchen remodel   ROI:  68.9%.

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