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Maple Valley, WA was rated by Family Circle Magazine in 2011 as one of the top 10 towns in the US for families.  Settlement in the area began in 1879 when three men who were improving a trail brought their families in.  When it was time to choose a name for the future community, two names were proposed.  The names proposed were:  Vine Maple Valley and Maple Ridge.  A vote was taken by writing the names on slips of paper and placing them in a hat.   Vine Maple Valley won by a 3/2 vote.  Someone at the post office decided that Vine Maple Valley was too long and the name was shortened to Maple Valley.  I was surprised to learn that the post office could arbitrarily change the name of a community.


  Vine Maple

"So, what's in a name?" you may

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One of my favorite things to do here in Maple Valley is mountain bike on the Cedar River trail.  Given a 5 star rating on www.TrailLink.com, the Cedar River Trail runs a total of 17.3 miles. 12 miles is paved and the remainder soft crushed rock.  I have explored most of the trails on the Eastside and though the Burke-Gilman is beautiful, it can get very crowded on weekends.  The Cedar River trail on the other hand is always peaceful.  The trail runs from Renton to Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley so there are always plenty of opportunities to snap a few nature pictures while I'm out there.  How do you think the Cedar River Trail stacks up against all of the other great trails the Eastside has to offer? 




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If you're anything like me, when you see all of the new commercial construction in Maple Valley you can't wait to find out what new businesses are moving in.  We have so many great places already, and I can't tell you how excited I am for Farelli's Pizza to open!  A new article in The Maple Valley Reporter featured a survey conducted with Covington residents on the businesses that residents would like to see open in the Covington area.  Among the most requested was more upscale dining, a movie theater, Trader Joes and Target.  I am in complete agreement that our community could definitely use a movie theater and who doesn't love Target?  All that aside, I have to say that for me the dream would be a Chipotle!  Okay, I may be a little over board when it

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Market Activity in Maple Valley




Week Ending October 6th

New Listings: 15

Price Reductions: 5

Average Listing Price: 323,286

Week Ending October 13th

New Listings: 19

Price Reductions: 4

Average Listing Price: 317,331


Source: Trulia

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I was starting to miss summer already so I was going through my photos and came across some from this year's Maple Valley 4th of July Celebration.  One picture is the announcement of this year's Pie Baking Contest winners, :) and the other shows the fireworks show set over Lake Wilderness.  In my humble novice photographer opinion, they truly capture the wonderful small town feel of Maple Valley.  Maple Valley is a constantly evolving and bustling community with the new addition of Maple Valley Townsquare that opened this summer, however this town still manages to keep that close knit community feeling alive.  I love calling Maple Valley home. 

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