See Our Recent Trossachs Postcard? Here Are The Answers!

Posted by Cary Porter on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at 2:36pm

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See Our Recent Postcard? Here Are The Answers!

Q 1: How Much did the average Trossachs home value increase in 2014?

A: The Average Trossachs Home increased by 8.5% last year. Meaning a home that was worth $700,000 in January 2014 was selling for $759,500 by then end on the year. A “Net” increase of almost $60,000 for a $700,000 home.

Q 2: What is the price per square foot difference between new construction and resale homes?

A: Currently in Trossachs the average New Construction home is selling$248.26 per sq ft. The average size is 3,929 sq ft and is closing for $992,551

Resale homes are selling at $236.81 per sq ft. The average resale home was 3,261 sq ft and closed for $769,039.

Q 3: What is the price per square foot difference between Buchan and Murray Franklin built homes?

A: Re-Sale Buchan Homes in Trossachs are currently selling for $248.29 per Sq Ft. Re-Sale Murray Franklin Homes are selling for $231.30 per Sq Ft.

The Average Buchan re-sale home is 3,388 sq ft and is closing at $842,545. The Average Murray Franklin re-sale home is 3,306 sq ft and is closing at $760,207.

The results for very similarly sized homes has Buchan’s selling for $82,338 MORE than Murray Franklin homes in Trossachs.

Q 4: What is the projected outlook for home prices and sales for 2015?

A: With continued low inventory and interest rates hitting two year lows the outlook for the Trossachs and greater Sammamish area are much the same as last year with homes increasing an average of 8 to 10%. In 2014 the top month to achieve the highest sales price was in June, and then as inventory levels increased prices began to move back down. Several homes had appreciations of 12% in June before the drop, making it more important than ever to list by April or May to capture the upward momentum in price, rather than ride the backside of a market moving back towards an 8% increase.

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