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Home buyers in Western Washington “hit the ground running” in January
  Inventory down 33% from last year. Pending Sales TOP new listings Inventory at new All-Time lows
KIRKLAND, Washington (February 6, 2020) – “All indicators point to a vigorous spring market,” suggested broker Dean Rebhuhn when reviewing just-released statistics from Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The report covering 23 counties shows pending sales outgained new listings, record-low inventory that’s down 33% from a year ago, and double-digit price increases. 
Matthew Gardner, chief economist at Windermere Real Estate, noted home buyers did not take very much time off during the holidays. “They hit the ground running as soon as the new year kicked off.” 
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So much of our lives are online nowadays. Our social lives happen in online communities as much or more than in friends’ basements or bars. We meet people with similar interests by joining Facebook groups or following someone’s story on Snapchat. YouTube is where we learn to do almost everything, from simple home maintenance tasks to cooking dinner for the family.

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When it comes to buying your first home, are there two words that are more unpleasant and unwelcome than “down payment?” How about “closing costs?” That’s because first-timer buyers are often surprised by this expense, or at least confused about how much they will need to pay. 

Additionally, buyers may not understand that some of the fees under the closing costs umbrella are not set in stone. Yes, there are ways to save money on closing costs. We’re breaking down the potential savings. 

What are closing costs?

First, it’s important to understand the role closing costs play in your mortgage—especially because we’re not talking about a measly amount. Closing costs can range from 2–6% of the total cost of your loan. So, on a $250,000

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When you think of wellness, does your living space come to mind? Today, people are taking wellness beyond diet and exercise and into their homes. So, if you want to improve your quality of life, you might be interested in wellness-focused interior design.

 This style of design uses natural elements to boost your mood, increase your productivity and influence your mental well-being.

 Here are four ways you can bring this trend into your home:

1. Let in the light. The sun’s light can elevate your mood and promote alertness. Take advantage of daylight by arranging workspaces near windows, using light-filtering curtains or strategically hanging mirrors to reflect more light. Natural light can re-center your sleep cycle and promote vitamin D

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Buying a house can be a daunting process. I am here to help walk you through all the steps to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. There are a few different categories of buyers. The first category are buyers that need to move immediately, whether it's to move for a job, or maybe they sold their home and haven't found that perfect next house. The second category are people that know they want to move, but don't need to move immediately. Another category is investors. They buy and sell all the time and are very familiar with the process. I will save this category for another blog. The last category are people that want to buy a house but aren't ready, but they want a goal they can work towards. I will go through each category one by one. 

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There are many reasons why I chose to join The Cascade Team. I came from another firm and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them, but real estate is hard, harder than it looks from the perspective of the general public. Everything is done independently, as an agent you learn by trial by fire. You are expected to market your listings on your own, and while I have a background as a business owner and am used to posting Facebook ads etc, not all agents manage to do this well. Most agents are very well intentioned, but putting a house on the NWMLS, hosting a couple of open houses, printing out some flyers and "hoping you get buyers" is not the best strategy for some homes. Yes, if inventory is low, frequently you can get offers without

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I have lived in the Sky Valley (Sultan) for over 20 years. There is so much I love about this area! Considering I am originally from Los Angeles and lived in Seattle for several years before moving here, it was quite the change, but I have loved it since the moment I pulled up to my 5 acre property. When I first moved here, it seemed "way out there", but I still managed a less than one hour commute to grad school. After graduating with a master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I set up a small practice in the town next to me, Monroe. I quickly became familiar with the local community and loved the small town charm and values. Everyone here is so friendly and it was a far cry from the competitive ways of Southern California. 

Eleven years

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